Banking Solutions

Account Processing

Premier account processing solutions integrate and streamline accounting functions. They deliver innovation and exceptional breadth of functionality, enabling your financial institution to deliver products and services that not only anticipate customersí needs, but also exceed their expectations. In addition to helping you boost revenue through targeted offerings, Premier account processing solutions greatly reduce the time required to perform many otherwise labor-intensive tasks. Providing flexibility and scalability in all of its applications, Premier establishes a solid foundation on which to build your organization's success.

Branch Banking

With groundbreaking technology, Premier’s branch banking solutions provide unprecedented opportunities to enhance management of both customer relationships and business processes. These solutions support not only business process management, but also automated online account acquisition, teller access to a broad range of customer information, cross-selling opportunities, customer experience optimization, and more.

Online Banking

Internet banking can be a powerful tool for attracting new business and strengthening relationships with existing customers. A successful online banking presence requires secure, integrated, flexible and scalable technology proven to satisfy customers. Premier offers all the retail and business services needed to promote growth. Cross-platform integration provides customers with 24x7, secure, real-time access to accounts from their PCs and mobile devices, including cell phones and PDAs. Customers can transfer funds, pay bills, order checks, view accounts and fulfill applications online. Additional solutions offer secure, quick and effective means to collect, manage and distribute data throughout the Premier suite. Maximize your online presence with Premier Online Banking solutions.


An expanding deposit base is one of your organization’s fundamental objectives, and Fiserv’s virtual transaction suite offers you the most advanced solutions to do just that. Deployed across three critical customer touch points – the teller line, back office and merchant locations, this suite is much more than just a branch capture, check imaging software, or an image capture device. Premier offers the foundation of an innovative point-of-presentment workflow solution, dedicated to automating payment and deposit processing, and improving the speed and quality of customer transactions.

Content Management

Immediate access to the latest, most accurate information is a crucial part of your organization’s business strategy. Fiserv’s content management solutions help you store and use those ever-changing data, efficiently managing a mountain of paper documents and electronic content.

Premier content management embodies all the characteristics of a world-class enterprise content management (ECM) solution, which is one of the cornerstones of any advanced banking business model. Through a combination of document imaging, processing and archiving, Premier addresses your financial institution’s document management needs today, and in the future.

Now you can efficiently process and manage documents from their initial point of capture, through statement generation and research. Premier content management solutions electronically capture, store and manage virtually every document generated or received by your organization. Working with Fiserv’s entire Premier suite of integrated products, they provide you with immediate, simultaneous and institution-wide electronic access to any imaged document. This helps boost productivity, improve efficiency, protect against fraud and streamline research. A host of additional components harness other powerful functions as well, including electronic statement delivery, statement composition, Internet check image access and report archiving.

Risk Management

Risk management touches every part of the banking world, from the teller line to the executive suite, meaning that everyone in the organization shares responsibility for this critical area. Negative publicity regarding a failure of business procedures, whether accurate or not, can lead to lost customers, costly litigation, and lowered revenues. That’s why we make it our job to help you protect both your organization and its customers.

Fiserv offers an innovative and holistic approach that minimizes regulatory risk, creates behavioral insight, and protects both corporate brand and reputation. Premier enterprise risk management solutions lead the industry in building safeguards around your financial institution’s transactions. Designed to improve the ways you prevent, detect and manage financial crime, Fiserv is able to offer a more complete view, and the ability to prevent these crimes across your entire organization. Working together, these solutions provide a tightly woven net that helps you quickly spot and stop fraud and theft, and put warnings in place to alert customers when suspicious activity takes place. Best practices consulting is also available, and an effective way to review and fine-tune your security practices.

Business Intelligence

A comprehensive understanding of the thousands of factors that affect the operation of your financial institution is a critical element of success. Studies suggest that business intelligence tools may be the most underused of all currently deployed bank applications. It’s clear that financial institutions making the fullest use of these tools gain a more comprehensive view of their position in the market, a better understanding of their customers, and a clearer vision for their future.

Every day you compile and store data that has the potential to make your financial institution more profitable. Boosting your profits comes from an understanding of where and how your revenue is generated, and balancing this against the cost of doing business. Premier’s powerful business intelligence solutions offer streamlined access to essential financial data and customer demographics, and the ability to put that information to the best use.