Bill Payment

With Fiserv, your organization can choose from several cutting-edge bill payment solutions with a variety of payment methods and scheduling options.

CheckFree RXP features an innovative user interface designed as the culmination of extensive research on the customer experience. By providing intuitive, interactive and easy-to-use bill payment technology, your organization can increase bill pay adoption and customer retention rates. Bill presentment capabilities enable you to present customers with electronic bills from more than 400 of the nation’s top billers. This environmentally friendly feature reduces paper and lowers customer attrition by 50 percent more than bill pay alone. Dedicated customer service is available at no extra charge, reducing your organization’s need for in-house staff support. In addition, built-in fraud monitoring can help you quickly reduce bill payment fraud by more than 60 percent and eliminate repeat offenders.

For business customers, CheckFree Small Business offers an additional alternative designed to meet their specific needs. Advanced features like bill pay reminders, multitiered employee authority levels, payment task delegation and the ability to include invoice details with payments help businesses save time, be better organized and improve their financial management.

Paytraxx delivers advanced functionality with a premium customer experience. A pay-anyone model gives customers the flexibility to quickly and easily establish their own merchant and payee lists. From a single screen, customers can set up new payments, access payment status and review detailed payment history.

A robust administration tool enables your financial institution to manage accounts, view reports and transaction history, cancel payments and perform daily file downloads. The solution can be branded with your logo and colors, and offers flexible options for customer service, payment funding and settlement, and user enrollment and authentication.


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