Premier Expedite

Fiserv takes the customer and employee experience to an entirely new level with Premier Expedite, our account opening and process management solution. Every banking relationship starts with a new account, and Premier Expedite helps your organization provide the kind of positive and productive experience that builds the foundation for a solid relationship. Interactive on-screen wizards automate and simplify the account opening process, freeing customer service staff to interact with customers. These wizards eliminate key strokes, reduce human error, and prompt your staff to make the most of cross-selling opportunities.

The functionality employed in creating user-friendly workflow processes for new account opening can also be applied to create workflows for nearly every interoffice task, such as scheduling interviews, approving employee Internet access and ordering software. A true business process management (BPM) solution, Premier Expedite enables your financial institution to increase productivity from the teller line to the executive office, and gain significant operational efficiencies.


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